Postdoctoral Position in Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Complex Glycans and Glycomimetics at the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center (CCRC), University of Georgia (UGA)

A postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Geert-Jan Boons for a candidate with expertise in the chemical and chemo-enzymatic synthesis of complex glycans and glycoconjugates. The goal of the project is to develop chemoenzymatic approaches to prepare panels of highly complex sialoglycans to examine ligand requirements of various sialic acid binding proteins. The resulting knowledge will be exploited to design and prepare glycomimetics that will be explored for their ability to interfere in cellular responses with the ultimate aim to develop glyco-based therapeutics for various diseases.

Requirements. Ph.D. degree in chemistry, chemical biology or biochemistry with extensive experience in complex glycan chemistry and biochemistry including an ability to identify target compounds of biological importance, device synthetic routes for such compounds, and employ chemoenzymatic syntheses to obtain glycans and glycomimetics. Ample experience with various spectroscopic technologies including NMR for compounds characterization is essential. Expertise in various binding assays is preferred.  

Interested candidates should contact:

Dr. Geert-Jan Boons

Complex Carbohydrate Research Center

University of Georgia

315 Riverbend Road, 

Athens, GA 30602, USA

[email protected]