Karl Meyer Lectureship Award

In 1990, the Society established the Karl Meyer Lectureship Award to honor the distinguished career of Karl Meyer and his outstanding contributions to the field of Glycobiology. This international award is presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society to a well-established scientist with a currently active research program who has made widely recognized major contributions to the field of Glycobiology.

2020 Award Winner


Call for Nominations: The Society will seek nominations for the Karl Meyer Award (look for the announcements in the Spring). The Awards Committee will choose the recipient, but all SFG members are invited and encouraged to submit nominations under the following guidelines:

Nominees should be well-established scientists with currently active research programs who have made major and widely recognized contributions to the field of glycobiology. Nominees should be SFG members in good standing. Members of the Awards Committee may not be nominated nor are they eligible to submit nominations.

The members of the 2021 Awards Committee are:  Vlad Panin (Chair, President-Elect), Michael Tiemeyer (Immediate Past President), Naoyuki Taniguchi (2018 Karl Meyer Awardee), Robert Linhardt (2019 Karl Meyer Awardee), and Kelley Moremen (2020 Karl Meyer Awardee). Previous Karl Meyer Award recipients also should not be nominated. Before submitting the nomination to the Society, the primary nominator shall contact the candidate to obtain permission to nominate him or her, and make the nominee aware of the nomination and selection processes.

Nominations: The nomination package receipt deadline is Friday, July 16, 2021 5:00pm MDT

Packages must include: 

1.   The nominee's curriculum vitae with complete bibliography separated into:
      a. Original peer-reviewed articles.
      b. Other publications (do not include abstracts).
2.   A nominating letter including:
      a. A brief description of the scientific achievements that merit the nomination.
      b. Other aspects of the nominee's career that might be taken into consideration (e.g., mentorship of trainees, 
          impact on the field, service to the Society, etc.).
Please note:  No letters of support are required and none will be accepted.

Please note:  If your nominee wins the Meyer Award, you will be asked to write a one page biography and to introduce the winner prior to their talk at the Society for Glycobiology annual meeting.

Nomination packages should be sent as emails with attachments to Don Jarvis ([email protected]), Society Secretary during the nomination period.