Postdoctoral Fellowship in Tumor Biology

A postdoctoral position is available in the Bellis laboratory to study molecular mechanisms that drive pancreatic cancer.  Specifically, our group has developed a transgenic mouse model that exhibits greatly accelerated pancreatic cancer progression due to the overexpression of the ST6Gal1 glycosyltransferase.  The ST6Gal1 enzyme adds the sugar, sialic acid, to key receptors involved in cell signaling and thereby regulates tumor cell behavior. Using this mouse model, along with patient samples and organoid lines, we are investigating the role of tumor glycans in imparting a cancer stem cell phenotype and promoting immune escape. We are also studying the effects of ST6Gal1-bearing exosomes in remodeling the tumor microenvironment. 
This position requires a recent Ph.D. degree and broad training in cell and molecular biology, as well as experience in genetically-engineered mouse models. Expertise in cancer biology and genome editing are preferred, but not required.  Interested applicants should submit a CV which includes contact information for three references, and a cover letter summarizing research accomplishments, to Dr. Susan Bellis, [email protected]
Susan L. Bellis, Ph.D.
Alma B. Maxwell Endowed Chair
Professor, Department of Cell, Developmental and Integrative Biology
University of Alabama at Birmingham
MCLM 350, 1918 University Boulevard
Birmingham, AL 35294
(205) 934-3441