Postdoc/Project Scientist Position for Bioinformatics/Glycomics/Biomarker Studies

Location: UC Davis Medical Center, MIND Institute/Clinical Research Building
Begin Date: as early as February 1, 2022
Compensation: commensurate with experience

PI: Professor Lee-Way Jin, MD, PhD, Director of Neuropathology, UC Davis Department of Pathology and Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Goal: We are looking for highly motivated scientists to join the team engaged in discovering Alzheimer’s disease (AD)- and dementia-related blood biomarkers and pathological mechanisms. The candidate will be assigned to analyze omics data, which can be generated from multiple platforms, in particular the cutting-edge glycomics and glycoproteomics platforms at UC Davis. The candidate will also use her/his expertise to design and execute novel biomarker approaches, protocols, and optimize quantification and analytic methods. The scientific goal is to identify disease mechanisms and develop new methods of early disease detection in diverse populations.

Scope of study: The candidate will be assigned to conduct scientific projects related to the NIH-funded UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center Biomarker Core, as well as the newly funded national Diverse VCID project ( The candidate will also be assigned to conduct bioinformatics analysis of data generated from NIH-funded basic science projects, with an emphasis on glycomics and glycoproteomics.
Candidate qualification: Ph.D. (or M.D. with substantial research experience), who has neuroscience, biochemistry/molecular biology, or cell biology backgrounds. Experience in bioinformatics is required. Experience in glycomics/glycoproteomics or biomarker investigation is preferred.  

Postdocs at any level are encouraged to apply. Qualified scientists who already have over 5 years postdoc experience will be recommended at the rank of Project Scientist and will be assigned some leadership role.  

Environment: The candidate will work in Dr. Jin’s laboratory/Biomarker Core and will have opportunities to interact with investigators in the UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (, Genome Center (, and Professor Carlito Lebrilla’s Glycomics facilities ( Dr. Jin’s laboratory is funded by NIA, NINDS, NICHD, and Alzheimer’s Association.

Contact: Please send your CV or inquiries to Dr. Jin by email:
[email protected]