K12 Scholar Applications

Wisconsin Program for Career Development in Glycosciences+

The multisite Wisconsin Program for Career Development in Glycosciences, part of the National Career Development Consortium for Excellence in Glycosciences created by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) seeks K12 Scholar applications for the:

1)      Versiti Blood Research Institute and Center for Translational Glycomics, Wisconsin site (PI: Hoffmeister, Karin)

2)      Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia site (PI: Desai, Umesh)

We are looking for talented, motivated and goal-oriented postdoctoral fellows or physician-scientists to work in a highly collaborative environment in the areas of neutral glycans and glycosaminoglycans modulation of hematopoiesis, especially thrombopoiesis/megakaryocytopoiesis. The ideal candidate will have some experience in the glycosciences including glycochemistry and/or glycobiology. Salary will be highly competitive and in line with experience. Good communication skills, excellent publication track record, and a collaborative and collegial attitude at all levels is required. Positions are immediately available. Candidates interested in this K12 program must have an MD, MD/PhD, or PhD in chemistry, biochemistry or a related biomedical field and US citizenship or permanent residency at the start of the appointment to be considered for K12 Scholarship.

Interested candidates may contact the PIs ([email protected][email protected]) to learn more about the opportunities and/or directly apply via the Translational GlycOmics website at www.translationalglycomics.com to be accepted into the program of the above sites Primary Faculty Mentors (Desai and Hoffmeister). 

For more information visit www.translationalglycomics.com or contact [email protected].