News of Professor Hakomori's passing

It is my sad duty to inform the glycobiology community that Professor Sen-itiroh Hakomori passed in Seattle last night, at the age of 90. As most or all of us know, Dr. Hakomori made significant contributions to our field over a long and distinguished career. Highlights include being elected to the National Academy of Sciences and publishing more than 850 papers. His work enlightened us all and he will be dearly missed. 

Here is the announcement and some comments from SFG President Michael Tiemeyer, which he presented at the SFG Annual meeting this morning:

The Society has been notified this morning of the death of Sen-Itiroh Hakomori. 
To quote Sandro Sonnino that forwarded this sad news, “This is a great loss.  We have lost one of the most intelligent glycoscientists, we have lost a pioneer of glycoscience.”
Dr. Hakomori was an incredibly productive, proliferative, impactful, and pioneering glycobiologist.  Many of his primary publications, reviews, and reference works are still referenced and exist on many bookshelves.  Dr. Hakomori was one of only 3 of our members to receive both of the top honors of our society. 
2020 has been a tragic year in many ways.  Let’s please take a brief moment of silence to honor and remember all of the glycoscientists, family members, colleagues, and friends we have lost.”


A moment of silence was observed.


Sen-Itiroh Hakomori

Karl Meyer Award,1995
Rosalind Kornfeld Award, 2011