Postdoctoral in Bacterial Protein Glycobiology

PhD or Postdoc position, University of Geneva, Switzerland, on Bacterial Protein Glycobiology 4 years, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. The goal of this project is to dissect newly discovered flagellin glycosyltransferases that post-translationally modify flagellins in the bacterial cytoplasm with sialic acid derivatives (on Ser/Thr) before they exported and assembled into the flagellar filament. We will define the specificity and sufficiency of various types of flagellin glycosyltransferases, genetically re-program the reaction and/or develop them for biotechnological applications, with the aim of using sialylated flagellin as novel vaccine chassis/carrier protein. 

Interested candidates can contact me by email or twiXter.

email: [email protected]  
TwiXter: @ViollierPat


Posted September 11, 2023