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One of the most important factors in designing the new website was providing our members with more access to valuable resources. Our resource list will continue to grow so please explore the current lists and check back regularly for new additions. If you know of a resource your fellow scientists would find useful, please email it to sfg@glycobiology.org and we'll be happy to add your contribution to this evolving library!


Other resources

[Link] - Alberta Glycomics - Research and analytical resources

[Link] - Consortium for Functional Glycomics - Analysis services & technologies, glycan databases, investigator meetings, collaborators

[Link] - Glycan Structure Database - 3D structures of carbohydrates, lectins, etc

[Link] - Glycomics Portal - GlycoInformatics, software tools, databases, etc

[Link] - GlycoPOD - Glycan-related laboratory protocols

[Link] - Programs of Excellence in Glycosciences - Educational, analytical, and reagent resources

[Link] - University of California San Diego Glycotechnology Core - Analytical services, including glycan composition, structure, and mass spectrometry

[Link] - University of Georgia Complex Carbohydrate Research Center - Research, analytical services, annual hands-on training courses: Separation and Characterization of Glycoconjugate Oligosaccharides, Techniques for Carbohydrates Structure Determination, Structural Characterization of Glycosaminoglycans, Mass Spectrometry of Glycoproteins.

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SFG 2015 Annual Meeting
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11th Jenner Glycobiology and Medicine Symposium
Monday, April 20, 2015
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The 9th Georgia Glycoscience Symposium: Glycoscience at the Interface of Chemistry and Biology
Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Athens, GA

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