2014 Committees

Awards Committee

President-Elect (Chair), Immediate Past President, and the three immediate past Karl Meyer Awardees.
Michael Pierce, President-Elect
Christopher West, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, Past-President
Armando Parodi, 2011 Karl Meyer Awardee
Kurt Drickamer, 2012 Karl Meyer Awardee
Markus Aebi, 2013 Karl Meyer Awardee

Education Committee

Naoyuki Taniguchi, RIKEN, Global Research Cluster, President
Linda Baum, UCLA
Brian Cobb, Case Western
Karen Colley, University of Illinois at Chicago
Jeff Esko, UCSD
Gerald Hart, Johns Hopkins
Mark Lehrman, UT Southwestern
Robert Sackstein, Harvard
Lance Wells, University of Georgia

Nominations Committee

Two elected from membership, by membership, and two appointed by the Board.
Christopher West, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, (Chair) Past President, Appointed by Board
Pamela Stanley, Appointed by Board
Anne Imberty, 2013-2014
Steve Rosen, 2012-2013

Program Committee

The composition shall be chosen by the President.

Publications Committee

Editor (Chair), President, three members appointed by the Board (5 yrs), current executive editors.
Robert Haltiwanger, Editor (Chair)
Naoyuki Taniguchi, RIKEN, Global Research Cluster, President 
Richard Cummings (2012-17)
Michael Tiemeyer (2012-17)
Anne Imberty, Associate Editor
Anthony Bacic, Associate Editor
Reiji Kannagi, Associate Editor
Marcus Aebi, Associate Editor
Linda Baum, UCLA, Associate Editor for Reviews

FASEB Committees

Board of Directors: Ron Schnaar (2013-17)
FASEB Science Policy Committee: Hud Freeze, VP (2014-17)
Excellence in Science Award Committee: Linda Baum  (2013-16)
Publications & Communications Committee: Don Jarvis  (2013-16)
Science Research Conferences Advisory Committee: Mark Lehrman  (2013-16)
Public Affairs Committee: Hud Freeze
Minority/Diversity Affairs Committee: Thandi M. Onami
Executive Officers Advisory Committee: Chris West (2014)

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